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Testimonials: Success Stories in Chiropractic Care

At Deer Park Chiropractic, led by Dr. Serena, we specialize in advanced chiropractic solutions for lasting pain relief and improved mobility. Our skilled team in Deer Park passionately tailors treatments to your unique health journey, ensuring a life of comfort and vitality under the expert guidance.

Kelli Walewander
Kelli Walewander
Dr. Kleinstub and her team are wonderful! She listens attentively, thoroughly assesses the problem, and makes gentle but effective adjustments. I can't thank her enough for how great I am feeling!
Lynn Gale
Lynn Gale
Dr. Kleinstub and I have been a team for about a year now. As I age I am finding my natural tendency is to hunch at my desk, so we have working together to strenghen my back. Thankfully we are also resolving an issue in my lower back which has been lurking for about 20 years. 20 years ago I sliped on the top of three stairs in my garage and hit the cement hard on the bottom. At the time of the fall, I had about 25 pounds of books each in my hands (in bags). I've never been the same. Dr. Kelinstub has isolated the issue deep in my spine and with each visit it has been improving. So thankful.
Caryn Simons
Caryn Simons
Dr K along with Colleen’s assistance are wonderful. Dr K is a great educator. She truly helps you understand why you may be feeling pain and is always looking to treat your complete self. I have a very busy forever changing schedule. Office hours are such that I can stop in with what works for my schedule. The Dr is compassionate and provides great care whether there is an acute need or weekly maintenance appointments. I visit the office weekly and highly recommend!
Erin Zylka
Erin Zylka
I came to see Dr. Kleinstub because I had suffered a back injury that led to a pinched nerve and such terrible pain I could hardly walk. I tried so many different things to ease the pain and was barely able to function in daily tasks. At my first visit Dr. Kleinstub assured me she knew what was wrong and that she would be able to help me become pain free. That assurance was the first relief I felt in such a long time. Then within just a few weeks of regular treatments with Dr. Kleinstub, I was moving and functioning again with almost no pain. When I went to a wedding and realized I was out on the floor dancing all night without even thinking of my back, I knew she was the reason! I would highly recommend Dr. Kleinstub and her team!
Naheed KT
Naheed KT
Dr K has helped me tremendously in my healing journey with her gentle and caring approach. She has a special way about her that translates to her treatments and anyone who is hurting should see her
Maria Stanfa
Maria Stanfa
I have been seeing Dr. Kleinstub for about a month now for my mid back pain and I already feel so much better thanks to her! Dr.K & Colleen are always super friendly and accommodating!
Katrina Ponz
Katrina Ponz
Dr. K is awesome, excellent care and knowledgeable with my adjustment for years regarding my scoliosis. I highly recommend 👌.
Jenna Spaulding
Jenna Spaulding
It’s great and nice experience.
Robert Kutches
Robert Kutches
Very knowledgeable and professiomal. Very satisfied with services.
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Chiropractic Solutions in Deer Park & Beyond:


When you visit our chiropractic office, our primary goal is ensuring you feel welcomed and valued.

From the moment you step in, you'll experience a unique blend of encouragement, teamwork, celebration, and compassion.

Whether you're seeking relief from back pain, guidance on chiropractic adjustments, or aiming for comprehensive holistic chiropractic care, your health journey is pivotal to us.

No matter your health objectives, be they vast or minimal, we stand by you!

Entrust your wellness to the expertise of Dr. Serena, leader in chiropractic care in the area.


Seeking a top and trusted chiropractic office near Deer Park, Kildeer, or Lake Zurich? Dr. Serena, with her vast experience, caters to a diverse range of needs:

Auto injury aftermath?

We're here to guide your rehabilitation journey.

Back pain and neck pain challenges?

Experience our proven alleviation methods.

Headaches & migraines disrupting your life?

Find targeted relief with us.

Pediatric chiropractic needs?

We offer specialized care for the young ones.

Pregnancy chiropractic concerns?

We provide tailored techniques for mothers-to-be.

Sports / athletes performance enhancement?

Boost your game with our chiropractic care.

Dealing with carpal tunnel, vertigo, or tinnitus?

We have specific treatments for these ailments.

Concerns about posture?

Let us guide you to improved spinal alignment.

Dr. Serena utilizes hands on adjustments, focusing on chiropractic adjustments like upper cervical, to restore one's optimal health state. With an in-depth evaluation, which might include X-Rays, every treatment is targeted at the heart of the issue. Furthermore, she's an advocate for a holistic health approach, seamlessly integrating exercise, nutrition, and diverse chiropractic therapies to craft a wholesome health narrative for every patient.

Initial Chiropractic Consultation

During this personal session, you'll collaborate with Dr. Serena, one of the best chiropractors in the area to address your specific health issues and understand the primary reasons for your visit.

Complete Chiropractic Examination

After the initial chiropractic consultation, we'll undertake a chiropractic exam to delve deeper into your health and potential spinal challenges.

Diagnostic X-rays at Our Chiropractic Office

Our X-rays are an essential diagnostic tool, granting us insights into your spinal alignment, the spine's quality, and the safety of potential chiro adjustments. Moreover, they help reveal the duration of existing spinal conditions.

Detailed Report of Findings

Following your preliminary visit, a chiropractic specialist will schedule a session to discuss the findings in depth. By evaluating your present lifestyle, aspirations, and challenges, our complete care chiropractic approach offers solutions tailor-made for you.

Continuous Effective and Gentle Chiropractic Care

Every chiropractic manipulation by our doctor is tailored to your needs. Depending on our chiropractic office recommendations, you might also receive guidance on stretching routines, exercise regimens, or holistic advice. With an emphasis on spinal adjustment, nutrition, physical activity, and stress-relief techniques, our goal is to ensure your total health with effective chiropractic care.

If you need specialized services like prenatal chiropractic, pediatric chiropractic, or sports chiropractic, our team is trained and ready to assist. For those in need of more specific adjustments, we offer upper cervical chiropractic, back alignment, neck adjustments, and more.


Prices for each chiropractic visit can differ depending on the type of treatment and its length. Nonetheless, we provide affordable rates and various package deals to cater to diverse requirements. We work with any financial situation

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