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Benefits Of Getting A Chiropractic Adjustment

Most people with a misaligned spine that causes back pain or neck pain are interested in finding another way of pain relief as an alternative for medications. Chiropractic care is the best option for treating those pain without involving drugs.


Chiropractic care is a treatment where trained specialists (chiropractors) are using specific hands-on manipulation to remove nerve and spine stress it also helps your body heal itself. This kind of treatment can treat mechanical disorders and reduce pain in the musculoskeletal system without the need for medications or surgery and prevent them from coming back. Chiropractic care may also help other work-related musculoskeletal disorders like;

• Sprains, strains, and tears
• Back pain
• Carpal tunnel syndrome
• Hernia2

Chiropractic care has a variety of treatments that depends on the specific needs of the patient.

These are the following common treatments in chiropractic care;

• spinal manipulation sometimes called an adjustment
• mobilization – gentle movement of the joint to increase its range of motion
• exercises
• reassurance
• application of heat or ice
• stretching
• soft tissue techniques – such as massage
• activity modification – suggesting how to make changes to your day-to-day activities to alleviate discomfort and enable recovery
• lifestyle advice – such as healthy eating and physical activity advice
• physiologic therapeutics – such as the use of ultrasound, laser, or TENS
• orthotics – shoe inserts that help support the feet and improve posture and alignment treatment of other joints, including feet, ankles, shoulders, wrists, elbows.
• drop piece table technique – the use of a specially designed table to help mobilize a joint in a controlled way

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